2019 Legislative Priorities

The Equity Alliance Fund is excited to announce our 2019 legislative agenda. We are supporting two bills that would expand voting rights to formerly incarcerated Tennesseans and college students. With Tennessee consistently ranked last in voter participation, we know that voter suppression is real and is often embedded in the burdensome bureaucratic red tape.

Senate Bill 0589/House Bill 0547 is cosponsored by Sen. Steve Dickerson and Rep. Michael Curcio and would streamline the voter restoration process and remove financial obligations as a condition of getting one’s rights restored.

Senate Bill 0829/House Bill 1057 is cosponsored by Sen. Raumesh Akbari and Rep. John Ray Clemmons. This amendment would allow current students attending public institutions in Tennessee to use their student ID as valid photo identification to vote. This bill would provide greater access to the ballot to thousands of students who call Tennessee home.

Download Bill Summaries: HB1057/SB829 | HB547/SB589

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Keep Voter Registration Legal in TN
OPPOSE SB0971/HB1079