The BlackPrint


Our Bold Vision to Create A Reparations Policy Agenda Voiced By Black Tennesseans


We believe in a world where Black communities are thriving and have equitable access to power, resources, and the freedom to choose our quality of life. Black people deserve dignity, equal opportunity, and access to be healthy, safe, financially secure, and fairly represented.

For centuries, enslaved, free and foreign-born Black Americans have been under community control and surveillance, enforced by white supremacy, and fueled by structural racism. We have been stripped of financial, social, and political capital to survive and thrive. Under current systems and institutions, Black lives are devalued and disposable; Black families have been separated and decimated; and Black communities have been starved and voiceless.

Powered by The Equity Alliance, we’re creating an unapologetic reparations policy agenda that reflects the voices of more than 125,000 Black Tennesseans. It’s time to take bold action to revolutionize and transform what our communities can do, be and have!

NO MATTER our color, background, or zip code, in America we value the freedom to self-determine our future and to have a say in decisions that impact our lives. Oftentimes, Black people are spoken for by a select, token few. But rarely are we listened to directly. The BlackPrint is a bold, comprehensive reparations policy agenda powered by The Equity Alliance and voiced by everyday Black Tennesseans. The BlackPrint is about uniting our collective strengths to speak with one voice loud and clear. 

It’s About Reclaiming Our Power

For a community that is relentlessly harmed and under attack, The BlackPrint is our way of fighting for something instead of defending against attacks. Black people have always risen above the systemic attacks and false narratives rooted in white supremacy that seek to put barriers between us and our liberation. The BlackPrint is equal parts a mandate, a roadmap, a legislative policy solution, and a message delivered to anyone who wants to earn Black Tennesseans’ trust for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

It’s Time for Transformation in Tennessee

No longer can we wait for if and when. It’s time to transform and revolutionize what our communities can do, be, and have. The urgency is now for
The BlackPrint. Be a part of our vision by taking The BlackPrint survey today!

THE BLackPrint is unique

Spans across all three grand divisions: West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee,
and East Tennessee. 

A deep values canvassing project to engage 125,000 Black Tennesseans with a goal of collecting 75,000 survey responses by January 2022.

Survey collection in six issue areas that directly impact Black Tennesseans.

Real Organizing
A robust “boots on the ground” team of 55 organizers, canvassers, and staff having real conversations deep into
the community.

By Us & For Us
A robust “boots on the ground” team of 55 organizers, canvassers, and staff having real conversations deep into
the community.

Reliable Data
Partnerships with a team of researchers using statistically sound and reliable methods to get credible data on Toast

The BlackPrint Issues