Who We Are

The Equity Alliance (TEA) is a Tennessee-based 501(c)(3) nonpartisan grassroots organization led by award-winning Black women. We envision a society where Black communities are thriving and have equitable access to power, resources, and the freedom to choose our quality of life. Our mission is to unapologetically build independent Black political and economic power. We educate, empower, and mobilize Black people to take action and keep our government in check. As the Tennessean’s 2020 People of the Year, we are the leading Black-led organization in Tennessee that takes bold action to mobilize the Black electorate to be civically engaged, challenge systemic inequities rooted in white supremacy, and stand up against attacks on our democracy. 

The Equity Alliance is the leading Black-led grassroots organization in Tennessee promoting intentional, unapologetic, innovative, and culturally relevant year-round civic engagement among Black communities, while providing our communities with the tools and knowledge we need to be self-determining and create sustainable change. We strive to get more people of color active in the political process and to increase civic participation as a means to achieving social and economic justice.

Through civic engagement, leadership development, grassroots organizing, and issue advocacy, our work is focused across three goal areas of Democracy, Growth, and Power, which is grounded in our dedication to improving the Quality of Life for Black people. 

We believe in shaping a democracy that works for all of us and one that is more inclusive, informed, and stronger by the communities of color directly impacted by the inequities and injustices that exist. We believe that democracy works best when everyone has a chance to participate, has equitable access to the voting booth and resources, and is empowered to be self-determining in making their own choices on who represents their values, interests and issues.

What We Do

Our theory of change, our organizing strategies and tactics, and how we build power are based on our six Power Pillars:

1) Community Organizing: We meet people where they are, develop deep relationships, and talk about the issues that are most important to them. From the trap house to the White House, we’re organizing in Black communities 365 days a year to build a base of political and economic power.

2) Education and Engagement: We educate Black communities about the political process, relevant economic, social, and political issues, and how impending legislation will impact their lives. We provide tools and strategies to take civic action and empower our community to resist, persist, join forces, call, write, petition, assemble, and most importantly, vote. 

3) Leadership Development: Through our LiberTEA Collective, we promote civic leadership by preparing everyday Black people to tap into all avenues of civic engagement by shaping processes and policies on the local, state, and federal level.

4) Collective Impact through Coalitions: We create alliances with individuals and progressively aligned groups in order to present a united front against any barriers that seek to marginalize, disenfranchise, or discriminate against Black people and vulnerable populations.

5) Voter Mobilization: We seek to expand the electorate by engaging low propensity Black voters and disenfranchised communities to participate in the democratic process and use their voting power as a weapon in the fight for economic and racial justice.

6) Policy Advocacy Wins: We monitor legislation to defend attacks on our democracy and keep our state and local elected officials in check. We advocates for pro-democracy reforms that expand access to the ballot box and ensures every American has the right to vote in every election – safely, securely and free from interference.