Welcome to the action page to protect voter registration in Tennessee. There’s still time to prevent voter registration restrictions that would devastate civic engagement, voter turnout, and impose some of the most aggressive penalties for voter registration drives in the country.

More than 100 supporters of The Equity Alliance gathered at the Capitol on April 15 to protest HB1079.


1. SIGN OUR PETITION to oppose attacks on voter registration!

2. call your state senator to oppose sb0971

3. attend the rally on Thursday, april 18

Rally to Keep Voter Registration Legal
Monday, April 22

4:00 p.m. CT
Tennessee State Capitol, Senate Chambers, Floor 2
600 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd., Nashville, TN 37243 

Please arrive at 4:00 pm CT. We will begin the rally shortly after outside of the Senate Chambers to let our state legislators know to oppose SB0971 before the floor vote at 5 p.m. Be prepared to stay 1-2 hours (or as long as you can) as the bill may get rolled to the end of the agenda.

4. donate! help us fight back against extreme measures to criminalize voter registration

5. Want to volunteer? join our team of volunteers organizing support via text message using the hustle app

What is Hustle?
Hustle is an app that makes it incredibly easy & fast for organizers to connect with their target audience via text messaging – without using your phone number.
Once you sign up, you’ll receive a notification e-mail with instructions on how to download and use the app. Please allow several hours for your account to be activated. We’ll let you know when you’re ready to start texting!

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