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“Voting is LIT” Community Block Party
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Noon – 4 pm
Bordeaux Library, 4000 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN
with Food, Family Fun, Entertainment, Music

Faith Unchained

In collaboration with Dr. Shawn Joseph and his Unchained Movement, The Equity Alliance is building political power for our community to achieve equity and justice.

It’s called Faith Unchained. At its core, we’re organizing voter registration and we’re mobilizing voters to turn out for every election. But those are just tactics. Our big picture goal is to increase the political power of Black Nashville.Sign up to volunteer for The Equity Alliance Faith Unchained collaboration

Decisions made about school funding, housing, transportation, policing and job creation are made by the people who show up to vote. That’s why we want every member of every African American church congregation to be a voter on Election Day.Black Nashvillians and all communities of color have been underrepresented at every level of government and that disparity is reflected in government policy.

Here’s what we’re doing to activate the political power within our church pews:Faith Unchained: Black Political Power Building with Dr. Shawn Joseph

The founder of the Unchained Movement, Dr. Shawn Joseph, will be delivering his message of empowerment during a faith-based tour hosted by coalition partners, including The Equity Alliance. He will use his time in the pulpit to present Unchained and what we can do to make education, economic empowerment and political empowerment a priority for our community.

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Souls on the Rolls: A voter registration effort by The Equity Alliance28515213_2018501895030556_5770833125908527840_o (1)The Equity Alliance, in partnership with the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship Nashville for the third year, will host voter registration drives at African American churches where Dr. Joseph is presenting. Faith leaders and congregations have always led social and political movements, particularly during the Civil Rights era. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent voter registration among eligible church members.

Here’s the schedule for July:
July 21 at Olive Branch Church
July 28 at Mt. Zion Baptist ChurchClick here to sign up as a volunteer or nominate your church to participate in Souls on the Rolls

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Souls to the Polls: A voter mobilization celebration for the Aug. 1st Election by The Equity Alliance
The Equity Alliance is hosting an Early Voting Party on July 27 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Public Library in Bordeaux at 4000 Clarksville Pike. All of our Faith Unchained partners and co-hosts will be in attendance, including IMF, NAACP of Nashville and Gideon’s Army. It’s going to be a fun day of socializing with congregation members from all over Nashville.Interested in helping host our voting party? Sign up here 

To help us organize this collaborative effort, The Equity Alliance is working with Brittany City. City, a board member at Royal Family Worship Center, is a Nashville native and graduate of Hume Fogg who passionately believes in the power of the church to increase participation and representation for Black Tennesseans.Professionally she’s a health policy analyst at Vanderbilt University Medical Center working on two National Institute of Health projects. As our Faith Unchained organizer, City will tap into her work with community nonprofits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and her work with local campaigns to register voters.

If you’re interested in helping out, send her an email at


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For the Aug. 1  elections, The Equity Alliance—in partnership with DENOR Brands and Public Relations—will publish the 2019 Nashville Voter Guide, a comprehensive, nonpartisan digital platform and print publication to inform voters of upcoming elections.

The guide will include unbiased candidate profiles, roles of each elected office, polling locations and hours, voter ID requirements and much more. The guide, which will be available for download at, will be a free public resource for Nashville voters to make an informed decision in the voting booth on Election Day.

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