Souls to the Polls

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Faith Unchained

In collaboration with Dr. Shawn Joseph and his Unchained Movement, The Equity Alliance organized voter registration and mobilized voters to turn out for every election with the end goal of building, sustaining, and expanding Black political power in Nashville. 

Decisions made about school funding, housing, transportation, policing and job creation are made by the people who show up to vote. That’s why we focused on encouraging every member of every African American church congregation to be a voter on Election Day. Black Nashvillians and all communities of color have been underrepresented at every level of government and that disparity is reflected in government policy.

The founder of the Unchained Movement, Dr. Shawn Joseph, delivered messages of empowerment specific to education, economic impact, and political engagement along the faith-based tour. 

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Souls on the Rolls: A voter registration effort by The Equity Alliance.
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In partnership with the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship Nashville, The Equity Alliance hosts voter registration drives at African American churches. Faith leaders and congregations have always led social and political movements, particularly during the Civil Rights era. We want to tap into this source of Black political influence by achieving 100% voter registration among eligible church members.
Souls to the Polls: A voter mobilization celebration by The Equity Alliance
When active, the Souls to the Polls initiative is a part of our Faith Unchained program, helping us increase Black political power through church communities.