The Equity Alliance SPECIALTY license plate


Ready to order your specialTEA license plate?
We appreciate your interest and support of the specialTEA all black license plate. Purchase your plate from the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue’s website. Select “Automobile” then scroll through the list to find The Equity Alliance plate. 


When will I get my license plate?
After pre-orders closed March 31, 2022, The Equity Alliance sent all pre-order information and payments to the state to begin the 4-6 month blackout period for printing and distribution. All pre-order license plates have been printed and distributed to the respective local county clerk’s office for pick-up. 

What happens to my existing license plate?
Your existing license plate will remain in service until the state notifies you that the new license plate is ready for pickup. After your new license plate is registered, you can retire and save your existing license plate.

How do I renew the tags on my TEA license plate?
Just as a standard license plate, renewals are handled through the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue. They will mail you a reminder postcard to renew your tags at the appropriate time.

Can the license plate be personalized?
Yes, personalized plates are available from the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue’s website.