The Equity Alliance unapologetically builds independent Black political,
civic AND economic power.

We educate, empower and mobilize black people to take action and keep our government in check.

Based in Nashville, TN with regional auxiliaries, we are a statewide 501(c)(3) nonpartisan and non-profit organization and unrelenting force that advocates for equitable opportunities and systems that improve the quality of life for Black people. Authenticity and innovation fuel our approach to equip citizens with tools and strategies to fully participate in civic processes and champion solutions to issues that affect their daily lives.

Founded in 2016, The Equity Alliance is led by Executive Director Tequila Johnson. Along with co-founder and previous Executive Director Charlane Oliver, the democratic entrepreneurs understood from the organization’s inception that voting is the key that unlocks the door to political, economic and all other forms of power that have been stolen, tainted and withheld from Black people. Together, we’re coming for it all!


Our 2021-2024 strategic plan, The BlackPrint, is the framework to advance our approach, deepen our statewide engagement and create a targeted policy agenda specific to the needs of Black Tennesseans.

The first phase includes The BlackPrint survey, a robust initiative to gather valuable input from 125,000 Black Tennesseans on six critical issues: education, housing and environmental justice, jobs and economic opportunity, criminal justice and public safety, politics and democracy, and healthcare – as well as reparations because we need that too.

Our 8-week signature leadership program is purposed to cultivate a talent pipeline of Black Tennesseans who can’t wait any longer to channel their energy ranging from anger to zeal, into tangible, actionable and undeniable solutions that serve our people.

From the novice to the politically involved, the LiberTEA Collective is where leveling up meets unlimited possibilities. Participants graduate to become Liberators who challenge systems of oppression, unseat those who misuse their power, and gain more ground for liberation and freedom.